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Tailored interactive knowledge transfer sessions on Intellectual Property related aspects

Learning & Development

We offer various learning and development opportunities to learning enthusiasts including workshops, pieces of training and Internship program which are facilitated by the leading industry experts. The objective of this initiative is to develop knowledge and skills in the field of Innovation and Intellectual Property. We have expertise in delivering tailored knowledge solutions addressing our clients’ problems/ requirements. 


IP  Workshops

Intellectual Property Rights play a pivotal role in the development and growth of knowledge-based entities. These entities are startups, research institutes/ colleges/ innovators/ academicians, to name few. We offer a range of IP workshops to assist these knowledge-based entities to create, protect and manage Intellectual Assets.

  • IP Awareness Workshops

The objective of these workshops is focused to develop awareness about the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). After these sessions, attendees become familiar to what the IPR is, and why IPR is important for them.  These sessions act as a foundation to the next level of understanding of IPR.

  • Advanced IP Workshops

The objective of these workshops is to facilitate attendees about how they can get the intended outcomes with the help of IPR. After these sessions, the attendees are geared up with the detailed and in-depth knowledge of the IPR which they can use to reap the fruits of their Intellectual Assets.


Idea Harvesting Workshops

The objective of idea harvesting sessions is to generate, accelerate and improve the invention yield. These sessions act as triggers to enable the team to visualize how the world can be in addition to what actually it is. The generated ideas/ inventions from the channelized innovative mindsets of the team are highly aligned and relevant to the organization’s business objective. These sessions empower the trainees with the creative thinking resulting in a creative environment in the organization


Prior Art Searching Sessions

A patent may not be granted in view of the available prior arts. Also, a granted patent may become invalid in presence of relevant prior art(s). Hence, prior art searching is performed to ensure patentability of an idea or to ensure the validity of claim(s) of a patent in question. Prior arts can be patents and non-patents. In prior art searching, different tools and techniques are used to unearth prior art(s) relevant to the invention (or claims) in question. In addition to subject matter expertise, prior art searching requires highly professional searching and analytical skills. We offer interactive sessions to facilitate the attendees with the comprehensive search approach which is in line with the practices used by the Patent offices.



We provide an opportunity to gain knowledge and practice that knowledge by working on live projects related to Technology Research, Innovation, and Intellectual Property. Graduates, Post-Graduates, Doctorates, Research Scholars, Students with the relevant technical expertise can add value to their skills by being a part of our Internship Program.