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Assisting clients, since conception of invention till grant of a patent

Patent Creation

Our team of experts helps our clients in different stages of patent creation i.e. drafting of invention till grant of patent. We follow industry-renowned best practices along with client preferences in our Patent Creation services. Our range of services include but not limited to the following


Patent Drafting

Patent application drafting is a process to form a patent application to be filed in a patent office. Drafting of the patent application includes multiple steps including the understanding of the invention, conducting a detailed interview with the inventors, identifying novelty from the invention, and drafting of claims-set, drawings, and the specification based on the identified novelty. The description of the technical subject matter and should be written in such a way that it should enable embodiments and support claims. The drafted patent applications are further reviewed and filed by an attorney in the corresponding patent office along with associated filing forms (for example Oath, declaration, ADS, IDS, etc.) and patent office fees.


Patent Drawings or illustrations

Drawing(s) of an invention can explain the invention more effectively. The drawings to be used in the patent application require creativity and technical skills in preparation. The drawing specifications are defined by the respective patent offices. We have experts to create influential exhibits to present the claimed invention precisely and to explain the technical aspects as well. We use advanced and industry-renowned software and tools to prepare patent drawings in line with the compliance of the respective patent office.


Patent Application Filing

Considering the expansion of technical research, it’s important to file a patent on the conceived invention as soon as possible to protect the invention. We help our clients in filing their patents. We thoroughly monitor the deadlines and necessary steps in patent application filing.


Office Action Support

Office actions are generally written by an examiner of the patent office to the patent applicant with the examiner’s opinion on the allowability of the claim(s) of the patent application. In case of a rejection, the applicant may respond back arguing to defend his claims with respect to the examiner’s understanding or can amend the claims to overcome rejection. Claim amendment suggested by the applicant defines the scope of the claims of the patent application, hence it needs to be carefully drafted. We have experts to write office action response to precisely understand the invention, the examiner cited prior arts and the patent laws.