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Providing comprehensive solutions related to Trademark i.e. search, design, registration and renewal

Trademark Solutions

Trademark is a sign which helps in distinguishing services or products of one company from those of others. Trademark acts as a tool that helps your customers to recognize you. Trademark is very important for brand building and creating trust in you. Using the same or confusingly similar Trademark may attract legal actions. Our Trademark experts provide end to end solutions with the help of our Trademark support services.


Trademark Consultation

We provide expert advice on different aspects of Trademark including its strategic importance, the relevance of selecting the right Trademark etc. Trademark consultation incorporates a range of services. We offer tailored solutions to our clients as per their unique requirements.


Trademark Search

It is advisable to perform a Trademark search before filing to ensure that the same or similar trademark does not exist which may prevent you to obtain proposed Trademark. Further, having a Trademark of existing same or similar Trademark may attract an infringement lawsuit. Exhaustive Trademark searching helps in avoiding such issues.


Trademark/Logo Designing

Trademark of a company provides recognition and makes consumers remember the name inducing a positive response in them. Hence, the design of Trademark/Logo is a very crucial process and requires extremely professional skills. We have a team of trademark attorneys and graphic designers who are experts in suggesting and designing a distinguished and creative logo for your company.


Trademark Filing, Registration, and Renewal

We provide end to end solutions for Trademark filing, registration and renewal with the help of our relevant experts and Trademark attorneys. Our Trademark attorneys also help our client in prosecuting Trademark applications and filing response before the Trademark office. Trademark is generally protected for a term of 10 years. It requires to get renewed near to its expiry to continue the protection of your trademark for another 10 years. We have experts to take care of every step of Trademark filing, registration, and renewal.