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Boost IP & Innovation culture within your organization by generating, managing & monetizing Intellectual Property assets

Intellectual Property Solutions

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to the creations of mind, e.g. inventions, artwork, designs and commercial names, symbols, & images. IP is protected by Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) e.g. patents, copyright and trademarks etc.

We are working to evolve Innovation ecosystem and protection of Innovation with the help of Intellectual Property Rights.

IP portfolio of an organization or individual plays a very important role in gaining recognition, growth, financial benefits and overall development. We act as extended team of IP experts for inventing entities in creating, protecting, managing and utilizing their Intellectual assets for their business growth

We believe in top-notch delivery of customized solutions in client preferred turn-around time with reasonable cost.

IP Development Support

Starting from conception of inventive idea till grant, we ensure success in each phase. We offer bouquet of services which help you in creating and growing your Intellectual Property Assets.

Patent Acquisition Support

Organizations may want to acquire patent(s) to add strength of their existing patent portfolio in line with their business vision. We offer comprehensive solutions as per the client’s requirements to assist them in the patent acquisition process.

Patent Licensing Support

Patent Licensing is one of the ways with the help of which a patent owner can generate the revenue from patent(s). Patent licensing gives licensee the permission of using the patent under agreed terms & conditions of license and patent owner gets licensing fees in return. We have relevant experts to provide end to end solutions for Patent Licensing.

Patent Monetization Support

Patent monetization refers to leveraging the benefits of intellectual assets. We help in realizing the maximum potential of Intellectual Assets to generate the revenue.

Patent Litigation Support

Our bunch of support services equip our clients with the right and comprehensive information required for litigation. These services include but not limited to (In)validity analysis, Infringement search & analysis and claim chart reports.

Patent Asset Management

We have relevant experts for maintaining the patent portfolio of our clients. We offer a number of patent management & support services for entire patent life cycle.