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Turning information into meaningful insights to help clients in devising business strategies

Patent Analytics

Patent Analytics comprises a variety of tools & techniques to study the technical & bibliographic information associated with the patents. Patent analytics is useful to analyse the strength of a patent portfolio, identify competitors & their strengths/weaknesses, monitor technology evolution, unearth new R&D opportunities & investment strategies and find potential licensing opportunities. 

We combine technology expertise, patent specific software, manual analysis, secondary research to gather meaningful insights and visualization tools to provide decision-ready reports. Our aim is to support our clients with precise and actionable in-depth competitive intelligence related to technology, business, and patent portfolio. 


Patent Landscape Analysis & Research

Landscape study supports in taking informed decisions with the help of meaningful insights. The insights are derived from relevant patent data set supplemented with the secondary research (Related Non-Patent Literature & Market Data).


Technology/Business/Market Research Analysis

A market research report provides relevant information with respect to a market segment to identify and analyze the market need, size, and competition. Market research is performed for various purposes to equip our clients with the relevant information (e.g. to determine areas of research and/or to analyze the growth in specific technology). In accordance with the purpose, the report format is entirely customized based on the client’s requirement.


Patent Portfolio Analysis

Patent Portfolio Analysis/Audit is important to assess the weakness and/or strength in a portfolio of patents. You can request the portfolio analysis for your own portfolio or for other company’s portfolio in the market. Having an in-depth understanding of your own portfolio enables you to respond fast in case an opportunity or challenge comes in front of you. Further, insights about patent portfolio of ‘others’ may help you to assess your competition or to know the strength of the patent portfolio that you wish to acquire.


Patent Strength or Quality Analysis

Patent strength or quality, in simplest terms, gives an idea of the worth of a patent. Generally, it’s crucial to assess the patent strength before a Lawsuit, before buying or selling patents.

  • Patent Summary Report

A report to present a brief summary of a patent and its strength.

  • Due Diligence Report

A customized comprehensive report to present the strength of a patent in different spectrums.


Patent Watching / Monitoring & Analysis

Patent watching is about the tracking of non-patent literature, published patent applications and issued patents related to a specific technology or organization. The scope of patent watch is defined based on the client’s requirement and interest to gain market intelligence.


Patent Mining

Patent mining is performed to identify patents related to a specific technology. The scope of patent mining depends on the objective and the client’s requirement and it may be based on client’s own portfolio, other’s portfolio or the set of individual patent owners. This study helps in gaining the insights about licensing, divesting or acquiring the patents in a specific technology area.