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Developing and managing an innovation framework to devise a win-win situation for everyone

Innovation Framework

  • Innovation Portal/ App Development

Development support & Management of innovation platform for invention submission activities of internal and/or external inventors

  • Invention Disclosure Form

Creation of templates of Invention disclosure to write & submit inventions by inventors

  • IPR Awareness 

Customized sessions for inventors to develop knowledge about the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

  • Ideas Screening

Assessment of initial raw ideas with preliminary prior-art search to reduce or guide R&D efforts

  • Inventor Community Engagement

Addressing inventor queries and other engagements (newsletters, blogs, inventing tips and IP law updates etc.)


Open Innovation Ecosystem

The open innovation ecosystem provides an opportunity for independent researchers and for technology organizations to leverage mutual benefits. We help big technology enterprises in the acquisition of inventing ideas from external inventors (outside the organization). Our framework also helps researchers/inventors or research organizations in their collaboration with relevant technology enterprises as their inventing partners. We offer end to end services in the context of Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing of ideas. 


Invention Partner Scouting 

You may want to collaborate with the inventors who are performing research in the technology domain of your interest. Based on the technology areas provided by you, we can identify the inventors relevant for your collaboration.  


Technology Scouting 

This analysis helps an organization/institute to identify unexplored invention opportunities within a given technology or to identify emerging technologies with potential future opportunities. You may direct your R&D efforts for IP creation accordingly in the identified technologies.