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Industry Collaboration

Global industries involved in Research, Innovation, Technology and Intellectual Property are looking for new ways to engage with the innovative people for mutual growth.

“Crowd sourcing & Open Innovation”
It’s a Win-Win situation for all.

InnoCapture is pioneer in identifying innovative brains & ideas and act as interface between creative people & organizations around the world. We leverage the power of the crowd innovators to help organizations of all sizes to invent something by solving the key problems and adding value in IP portfolio for potential growth.

If you are an Independent Researcher (e.g. professor, researcher, scientist, inventor, tech scholar, innovation expert, creative person etc.) or a Research Group (e.g. team, college, department, university, company, start-up etc.) having knowledge, ideas, inventions, researches that can transform the future, we wish to include you in our partner network.

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Be ready for future opportunities. Learn about Intellectual Property, Emerging Technologies, Innovation & Recent industry trends.

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Utilize your skills to invent for future. Get associate with leading companies for inventing collaboration. Know more about the possibilities.

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Become an inventor of patent without hassle and even at zero cost on acceptance of your invention. Explore the options.

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Convert your research and invention into success to get financial reward.

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