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Patent Research

Patent Research is a variety of search services to find out relevant patents, published patent applications, non-patent literature, media and products, related to key aspects of an invention, that might be considered important at various stages of the patent life cycle. We know the importance of in-depth analysis in the field of patent research. Hence, we perform each project with the exhaustive and structured search strategies along with panoramic analysis. We have a standard deliverable format(s) however, these are flexible and can be customized according to the client’s preference. It’s in our core values to deliver top-notch and cost-effective solutions as per client preferred turn-around time.


Prior Art Search

Prior art search is performed to identify relevant prior arts with respect to the proposed invention feature(s) or claim(s). The prior arts are important to determine/challenge the novelty, inventive step of the proposed invention or validity of a patent.

  • Pre-Filing Prior-Art Search

A pre-filing prior art search is performed to identify the prior arts with respect to the proposed invention. We offer a comprehensive search report which includes invention features along with the cited text of prior arts. Our search report may help you in taking decisions in light of the prior arts.

  • Post-Filing Prior-Art Search

A post-filing prior art search is advised to assess the scope of the invention (i.e. drafted claims). This search report is focused on the drafted claims of a patent application.  

  • (In)Validity Search

Patent (In)validity search is performed to identify prior art(s) to ensure the validity of claims of a patent. We have subject matter experts to understand the right threshold date (claim wise) and right scope of claims with the help of ‘Prosecution History’ (including the applicant’s arguments and claim amendments).


Infringement Search

Infringement search/analysis provides information about the patents being infringed by the products. Depending on the context, the infringement search/analysis can be of two types.

  • Evidence of Use (EOU) Search & Analysis

‘Evidence of Use’ (EOU) study provides evidence of using the claimed invention of a patent by product(s). This analysis determines if the patent in question is being infringed by product(s) in a jurisdiction where the patent is in force. ‘Evidence of use’ (EOU) / Infringement search is very helpful in monetization / licensing opportunities. We also search for the relevant ‘Standards’ (e.g. telecom standards or multimedia standards etc.) related to the patent under consideration. This checks the possibility of the patent being the "Essential" for the Standard(s).

  • Freedom-to-Operate / Product Clearance Search

Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) search is required to check whether any product or process utilized or carried out by an entity/organization infringes on any of the live claim(s) of patent/patent application. As patents are territorial in nature, this search is performed jurisdiction wise, as per client instructions. Further, we also propose the list of expired patents relevant to the product features to determine the freedom to operate/manufacture the product feature(s) based on free to use the information of expired patents (no need to have a license).