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Supporting clients with the knowledge & information to boost their Innovation ecosystem

Innovation Support

Organizations, research institutes, individual researchers and inventors understand the strategic importance of IP assets in their growth and recognition. We offer a range of Innovation Support services to help the organizations in creating IP and to make it work for them. Our Innovation Support services are focused on boosting the IP and Innovation ecosystem.  


Inventor Training and Support

We facilitate inventors to furnish them with the relevant knowledge and support to maximize the potential of their research or inventive idea(s). After the training sessions, the inventors with the innovative idea(s) must be sure about the next steps to reap the benefits of their intellectual assets. Our team of experts delivers continuous support to inventors at each phase starting from idea conception till grant and monetization of their IP assets e.g. patents.


Idea Harvesting

The objective of idea harvesting sessions is to generate, accelerate and improve the invention yield. These sessions act as triggers for the team to develop out of the box thinking. The generated ideas/ inventions from the channelized innovative mindsets of the team are highly aligned and relevant to the organization’s business objective. These sessions empower the trainees with creative thinking resulting in an innovative environment in the organization.


Inventions on Request

Having a big size patent portfolio is a growing need & demand for technology-based organizations. We have different models to support the organizations in providing them with the inventions in the required technology areas. The potential of these inventive ideas is significantly high as they pass through our blend of support services to ensure the relevancy and being patentable.


Defensive Publication

A defensive publication is an IP strategy, generally used when the companies or inventors do not prefer to have a patent on an invention, however, want to remain free to practice the same. In the defensive publication, comprehensive disclosure of the product or method gets into the public domain and becomes prior art resulting in preempting others to get patent on the disclosed matter. Our team of relevant expertise help in writing such defensive publications/ disclosure.