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Mentor And Coach

Grooming organizations and individuals to support in maximizing their gains from the research, inventions and ideas

IPR & Innovation Cell

An organization with a strong portfolio of Intellectual Property Assets has multiple benefits including international recognition, partner of companies for placements, preferred college for student etc.

‘IPR & Innovation’ cell plays a very important role in protecting the intellectual assets of an organization. The organization can be any research institute, university, college or a company of any size. We help in establishing and strengthening ‘IPR & Innovation’ cells of the organizations.

Our objective of enabling ‘IPR & Innovation’ cell of an organization is to generate and protect creative ideas & inventions by encouraging, supervising, monitoring, and steering the creative research. To achieve this objective, we conduct multiple workshops, training sessions, and faculty development programs periodically and assist with relevant tools and services to the organizations.

Faculty Development Program

Our FDP sessions help the faculty to develop or groom their skills in the domains of ‘Innovation’ and ‘Intellectual Property’. This program empowers faculty members of an organization to shape the research being performed in the organizationas per industry requirement. This leads to individual as well as overall growth of the organization.

Experiential Learning

We offer an opportunity to learning enthusiasts to practice their knowledge with us and to gain practical learning related to projects of ‘Innovation’ and ‘Intellectual Property’.

Competency Development

We offer range of workshops and trainings on ‘Innovation’, ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ and IPR Laws to assist the knowledge-based organizations, researchers, inventors to create, protect and manage their Intellectual Assets.

Career in IP

Using the blend of relevant modules of our ‘Learning & Development’ and ‘Internship’ program, we groom aspiring candidates to pursue career in Intellectual Property.